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Javier Nandayapa has a very important national and international career, product of his indisputable quality and value as an exponent of Mexican music and excellence in the execution of the emblematic instrument that is the marimba.

He began his musical activities in 1989 with the "Marimba Nandayapa", participating in all the recordings, concerts and international tours that this group has made to date. In 1995 he began his activity as a soloist, making several works for marimba by foreign composers known in Mexico. Since 1998 he has commissioned various composers for the creation of a new repertoire of Mexican marimba and concert marimba.

To date, he has performed nearly fifty world premieres of Mexican and Latin American works for solo marimba; marimba and chamber ensembles; and marimba and symphony orchestra, mostly dedicated to him. In 1999, he published a Didactic Method for Mexican Marimba in collaboration with percussionist Israel Moreno, being the first work of this type to be carried out in Mexico.

He has toured 50 countries on the five continents of the world on several occasions. As a soloist he has performed at various universities, forums and international festivals in: Australia, Azerbaijan, Taiwan, Japan, France, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates United States, Kenya, Canada, United States, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Belize and Guatemala.

He has performed as a soloist with various symphonic and chamber orchestras from Mexico, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay and Panama. He has shared the stage with great musicians and groups of various nationalities.

In 2015, he obtained the support of the IBERMÚSICAS program, with which he presented twenty-five concerts and twenty master classes at various music festivals in six countries in Central and South America. In 2019, he received the support of IBERMÚSICAS and FONCA, with which he toured 45 concerts and 45 clinics and master classes in 17 countries on four continents.

He is an artist of the companies “Marimba One” and “Innovative Percussion” (USA) and “Aluphone DK” (Denmark).

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La Tortuga del Arenal
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