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Born in Amsterdam, Holland, the Mtro. Albert Moehring studied at the Royal Conservatory of Music (University of Toronto) in Toronto, Canada, where he graduated as a pianist. He got a scholarship  to study Orchestral Conducting at the School of Music in Aspen, Colorado. He has worked and studied with several legendary directors including Walter Susskind, Leonard Bernstein, Leonard Slatkin and Peter Maag. His musical affiliations have included the New York Metropolitan Opera and the Canadian Opera Company of Toronto, Canada. Maestro Moehring was the founding director of the Philharmonic in Charlotte, North Carolina, for 23  years. His excellent musicianship and conducting skills, ability to convey his passion for music to both orchestra and audience, and his ability to inspire have resulted in a highly respected career with a recognized track record in the creation and development of orchestras and audiences. .


Albert Moehring has been the director and producer of six special music programs for PBS. These programs aired in forty-four US states, Mexico, and Canada, reaching more than ninety-five million homes. Master Moehring  he also directed and produced thirteen classical and popular music compact discs with the collaboration of the Charlotte Philharmonic Orchestra which have been distributed and sold around the world. The Mtro. Moehring has performed operatic, classical, and popular repertoire in the US, Canada, Mexico, and China. In the fall of 2005 the Mtro. Moehring began conducting the Mexico State Symphony Orchestra as a guest conductor. Since 2016, Maestro Moehring has made Mexico his home. Since then, as a guest conductor, he has conducted the UNAM Eduardo Mata University Youth Orchestra, the Mexican Symphony Orchestra, the National Polytechnic Institute Symphony Orchestra, the Querétaro Philharmonic Orchestra, the Mining Symphony Orchestra, and the State of Mexico Symphony Orchestra.

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