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Our first logo in 1992.


José María Álvarez , General Director and Founder of MuchiMusic , born in 1966, presented his first artist in Mexico in 1988 when he was 22 years old. His interest in organizing concerts began when he was almost a child when, at just 15 years old, he applied for a summer job at the Mexico City Philharmonic. All this, coupled with his musical studies, allowed him over time to immerse himself in the Mexican musical environment. At the end of his studies in International Relations at the National University of Mexico, he worked fully on what have been his two passions: radio and artistic promotion. In the first field, he has been producer and host of his own radio projects on Mexican stations such as Estereomil, Radio UNAM, Opus 94 and – for twenty-two years – on Radio Red AM of Grupo Radio Centro. In the field of concert organization, its main “academies” were the Mexico City Philharmonic, the National Symphony, the Soloists of Mexico, the Mining Symphony, the Cervantino International Festival and the National Center for the Arts.

Encouraged by many of the artists with whom he had already performed in Mexico (such as the violinists Stephanie Chase and Pierre Amoyal and the pianists Tedd Joselson, and Alan Marks -RIP-), he founded Muchi Music Mex in 1992 and gave him the opportunity of working closely with important international agencies such as CAMI, Herbert Barrett Management, Thea Dispeker, ICM, IMG, Harrison Parrott, the then called Harold Holt agencies from England and Harold Shaw from the United States, among many others. In addition to the artists who have continued to work with Álvarez and Muchi Music Mex for 17 years, the agency has been a promoter for Mexico of important groups such as Chanticleer, The Hanover Band of London, the Emerson Quartets, Jerusalem and Kronos, as well as countless soloists for which made special presentations on the main stages of Mexico (from pianists such as Peter Donohoe, Alfredo Perl, Christopher O'Riley and Cristina Ortiz to other personalities such as contralto Nathalie Stutzmann and conductor Erich Kunzel).


Alan Marks (1949-1995)

Founding Artist.

Program of the first concert organized by Muchi Music Mex. December 1992.





Founding Artists of Muchi Music Mex.


CHANTICLEER. Presented in Mexico by Muchi Music Mex between 1998 and 2003.

muchi music xv.png

our second  logo in 2007 (XV Anniversary).

Between 2004 and 2009, Muchi Music Mex promoted projects such as A Magical Evening with Harry Potter (which has been presented in Mexico in the Federal District, Querétaro, San Luís Potosí and other cities) and Star Wars in concert (presented in 2004 in the Sala Nezahualcóyotl with Erich Kunzel, the choir and the Pops de México Orchestra –which Kunzel founded with the personal advice of Álvarez-).

Muchi Music Mex has always promoted the creation of new audiences with the organization of projects such as those mentioned above; but that work also takes on new dimensions by adding to its stupendous catalog of artists some of the most interesting young talents in Mexico who are already developing a solid international career.

Since 2009, Muchi Music Mex has been transformed into MuchiMusic and from that year onwards such outstanding artists as Jorge Federico Osorio, Joaquín Achúcarro, Conrad Tao, Christian Leotta; Among our most notorious projects in recent years of work is the complete cycle of the Shostakovich Quartets with the Jerusalem Quartet to commemorate the 80th Anniversary of the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City in 2014.

MuchiMusic continues to have as its premise to give a new meaning to the usual model of the concert music industry in Mexico through consistent work aimed at personalized attention both for the artists in our portfolio and for the presenters and contractors; In the same way, an important balance is achieved between vision and artistic commitment together with the commercial needs in the art of the 21st century.

In 2016 MuchiMusic undertakes one of its most important challenges, entering its XXV Anniversary season: the opening of MuchiMusic Europe with an operations center in Vienna, Austria, and which will have as its objective the promotion of the Mexican artists of our cast in the Old Continent.

Our ongoing mission is to make the promotion of concert music in Mexico and other countries a renewed professional experience, exploring new horizons for the enjoyment of audiences of all ages and social levels.


The EMERSON QUARTET at Carlos Prieto's house after his debut in Mexico. Jose-María Álvarez, organizer of that concert, appears at the top right.


The JERUSALEM QUARTET in Mexico. On his first visit to Mexico in 2001 and during the historic Shostakovich cycle in 2014.


PIANÍSIMO, International Festival organized by Muchi Music Mex in 2000.


Recital de Jorge Federico Osorio, nuestro artista desde 2009, el 3 de diciembre de 2022 con el que MuchiMusic conmemora 30 años de actividades.

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